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I’ve never really thought of ever writing to this site because I never had the courage. But after reading many stories on this site I have decided to share mine.. When I was about thirteen, being a teenager was really, really hard and one day I got in a huge fight with my parents and it was really bad. In the process of running up to my room I ran into my mirror, broke it and a piece of shattered glass slit my skin and it hurt but felt so OK. Eventually I started to take razors from both my parents who are designers and cut away my problems. I live in Miami so wearing long sleeves all the time they kind of caught on and sent me to therapy. Twelve months I wasted because I still feel the same at times and I still cut everything away. It’s not good or right but it’s an addiction I refuse to give up. But I would never in my life ever encourage people to start or continue doing it because it’s a sad thing especially when you get to the point I have. I hope this has not taken over your life as it has mine.


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