My Story

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My name is Jayme. I am thirteen and have been cutting for a while now. I started because I was really stressed about stuff going on with this guy I like, and I do martial arts, and, well, it was getting really stressful there too. I started on my leg because I wear long pants all the time, so I thought I could get away with it. I just took the end of a sharp pair of scissors, and put about twelve or thirteen cuts on my leg, just above my knee. Those are almost healed, but just a couple days ago, I put about seven deeper cuts above the old ones. After I cut, I write poems to express. I hope all of you that have thought about cutting, but haven’t, don’t start! It is a hard thing to stop, so just don’t start it. I am glad that I can hopefully help.

My Story: Part 2

Copyright Jayme

My name is Jayme, and when my issues first began, I wrote my story in here. Well, it has almost been six months since I started, and everything has gone down. My grades are slipping, my friends are moving farther away, and my cutting has gotten worse. I have tried to commit suicide three times in the last month, and I feel like there is nothing I can do to make me feel better. My family is the biggest part in me trying to commit suicide because lately my parents have been ignoring me, and my brother couldn’t give a crap to anything that goes on in my life. I am getting help from my boyfriend, who took everything sharp away from me, and that’s the biggest part. I love him because he is doing this for me, and I feel like there is hope after all.

My Weakness

Copyright Jayme

The pain
I just can’t take it
The feel
of freshly cut skin

The hurt
Emotion boiling inside.
Hate to say,
cutting is fun.

Cannot stop
Pain comes less.
Always wondering,
If it’ll ever end.

No happiness,
just pain and woe.
Feeling like shit,
And wanting to say no.

No stopping my hand
cut where it may.
Scars and scrapes,
don’t matter anymore.

I wanna cry,
because I feel so bad.
Feelings won’t go away.
Hoping to get better.



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