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The first time I cut was I was in 3rd grade. I was going through a lot then. I was in my mother’s room and my parents were fighting as usual and then I saw the razor. So I took it and one slice, I started bleeding like crazy. I had to put one of those beach towels around it. Then that was when I thought that would be my first and last time I would cut. But I was wrong. I am now in 8th grade and I began cutting again last year. It first started with a break up then I stopped. Then my parents began fighting again. They have been fighting more lately then ever before. I was going on and off with cutting. Then I turned bi. The whole school found out and they all started making fun of me. One chick came up to me in the hallway on the way in from recess and said ‘don’t you wish your girlfriend was straight like me?’ That’s when I ran into the gym locker room and I grabbed the razor I carried around in my pocket and cut myself. I just want help, I know this isn’t healthy.


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