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I’m 15, male and started SI about 6 months ago. I’m not entirely sure why I cut, maybe I’m releving stress, built up anger or somthing. I encourage those of you who don’t SI not to start mainly because I don’t want to see someone else go down my path. I know five close freinds who SI (all female) and it pains me to see their scars and cuts even though I do it myself. I ran across this site looking for my reason and cause for SI’ing. My ex-girlfriend SI’ed when I found out (not from her). It made me angry at myself for not knowing and not being able to help, so I started cutting more. One of my friends recently got sent to a mental hospital for cutting. I cut, burn, scratch and sometimes pierce. I’m wondering if you can help me find my reason for this so that I might be able to stop one day, or find an alternative (so far unsucsessful). Thanks for listening.


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