It’s Simple Really…

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I’ve been cutting myself since grade eight, (I’m eighteen now), when I found out that my two best friends had also begun to harm themselves. I like it, what can I say. I don’t find anything wrong with it. To be honest, it keeps me sane. I would probably freak out on everyone if I didn’t have a way to control it.

I don’t do it for attention, that’s for sure. People have seen the scars and cuts and they always tell me to stop. Well, why would I want to stop? If I did, I would take too many pills again or go out all night and get high.

I’ve finally met someone that actually understand why I cut, he cuts too… We don’t do it together, but we talk about it and we make sure that neither of us goes to far. I don’t want to die, I just want to make myself feel better. If you can’t control the amount of pain inflicted on you by others then why not control the amount of pain inflicted on yourself. When it becomes too much, stop for the night and wait until the urge comes again. That way, you’ll never be overwhelmed with something that you can’t handle.

Thanks for reading this… Just thought I’d let others know that I understand and that I still and I believe I always will cut.


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