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If I get it right it’ll be better, if I can just be prettier it’ll be OK, I won’t slip I promise I’ll be thinner, quieter, prettier I’ll get the grades I’ll give you everything, anything oh please make it all go away.

Self harm made me think this, no get it right I made myself think this and I hated myself and it’s wound up hurting more than those pesky scars. So here it is the final goodbye, here’s my letter to self harm:

I loved you for a long time, my obsession, my infatuation. Oh, I worshipped you and sacrificed my life to you. Now it’s over like a lover I’ve left you. I’ve changed that stupid lock and made you leave your key that leads so far into me. The scars bar your way now and that piece of my heart you’re eating now won’t last and soon you’ll die. Theres no more blood no blood for you no more blood cos now I’m free, please never come back to set me free your way, I know your game. So no one last fling, no temptations. It’s my life now all the way. I don’t feel anything for you now I’m emotionless for you. So this is it the funeral pyre awaits. They say all I need is closure; but no, all I need is a good moisturizer.


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