Sarah E


Copyright, Sarah E

This is my life. It is full of pain and anger. Every day I wake up early and go to school. Each day when I get home from school I sometimes cry for no reason. I wish all my pain would go away. I don’t know how much longer I can hold on. I want to end this game called life but in a way I am scared of what might be next. I cut into my arms with razor blades to stop the pain but that only works for so long. I even carve patterns and shapes and words into my dying flesh. The blood pours from my veins into a puddle on the floor. I am sixteen and I don’t know what to do anymore. If anyone is out there please help me. I am so scared of what I might do next.


Copyright, Sarah E

The pain that is held in my heart
Wont subside
I cry for no reason
I cant go on if I dont cut each day
It makes me feel free
I stop crying and let the blood flow from me
The pain is gone for now
But I wont feel pain free forever
It always comes back
Stronger and harder
Till one day I end my life
And all this pain
I feel inside


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