Tuesday, February 26

Copyright, Scarlettpayne

Slashes on the wrist, exposed the flesh of my body. Open wound, numb with self hatred. Dripping upon the tile of the bathroom floor, I bled. A Kiss by death’s icy lips drained my face’s blush. The heated sadness slid from my porcelain face. Salt and bitter crimson blinds spoken lies. Curdling screams sliced my mind in two. I am not human. Memory of his cold eyes pierced my body blue.

“I can’t be with you! You’re crazy, you, you, you’ve lost it. You’re evil!”

He, he made me kill today. He made me kill my evil eyes and bleed my life away.

I died on a Monday. Today is Monday. I died today. Today he left, left me to decay.

Why couldn’t I have been sane?


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