Suicidal Pixie

The Day I Died

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I started to cut a couple months ago, I am so dead on the inside I feel so much hate, pain and guilt on the inside. It is so hard to be me. I had a guy but he found I cut and that sent me farther down the hill of suicide and I want to die but then I am scared. Everyone calls me a slut, whore, and trailer trash. It is so sad. I am confused too, I wish I could tell my counsellor but he might send me too a mental home and I would probaly die there. I am so unloved by my family, I know they hate me they always yell and fuss at everything I do even if it’s right. This world is so fuckin fucked up, it is gonna swallow me up one day. OK, you know why I cut now, I am dead on the inside and want to be dead on the outside now but am afraidd of death and where will I go if I die. Lord forgive me.


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