The Secret

Copyright, Shawna

I’m thirteen and like most teenagers and people, I have anger built up inside. Me and my best friend cut. Not for attention but because when we feel the need to lash out at other people we just cut ourselves to relieve the stress of being mean to others and everything. My parents know about me and her but her parents only know about me. She’s my cousin and I know we should quit but it isn’t easy to. My mom has already tried to get me to stop and she said that she knows it helps me vent anger and my dad says the same but they also say that if they find out I’ve done it again then they are gonna take me to get help and Kelsea too. I’m scared for them to find out so I try not to do it on any visible places but I can’t help it. Mostly now I do it on my thighs or hips so it isn’t that visible but I already have scars on my arms and so does she. Well all I can say is that I need help and if anybody, girl or guy, wants to talk about the problems they have, to please e-mail me. I would love to talk about it beacause it’s nice for me and her to be able to communicate about it.


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