Copyright, Dwelfje

Bloodstains on my pillow from all teh crimson tears I’ve cried
The more I want to tell you, the more I have to keep it all inside
The battle of my contience is fought every night
But at the end, my addiction always wins
And my sould lies broken beneath my skin
Trembling hands grab the steel relief
The cold blade is pressed against the skin slashing away my flesh, pride, dignity
The scars burn forever in my soul
And every night I cut away another piece of what little is left of me
I so regret the things I’ve done, the horrible monster I’ve become
When I look into the mirror, I wanna break the refelection into a million pieces
Murder the evil shadow that is reigning over my world
I want to explain why I act like I do, but when I’m given the chance nothing comes out of my mouth, not a breath, not a word
To release the pain is all I want, if I only knew how
The dispair is getting to great to handle, the fight is already lost
So I take my matches and candle, and press the fire deep into myself
Numbness fades away in a second and the pain penetrates my heart
The scortched skin, and smell of burning flesh is the result of my madness
The crubling remains of my sanity are falling apart
I am what I am, but I don’t want to be
‘Cause here I lie again, alone, lonely in my bed
hole in my heart, cuts in my wrist, forever and always sad
the tears I have to hit back
just like I always have had
a broken soul, a shattered self, there is nothing left
so take my advice, resist the cut, reject the knife


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