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I’m sixteen and I started to cut my wrists two years ago, I was angry and the glass was sitting right in front of me didn’t really think of it as self injury when I slit across my wrist three times I just didn’t care. I blame things on others because I hate to think I’m the one who is doing this. I continued cutting for a long time starting out maybe cutting once a week then it grew to once a day. Eventually my ex helped me stop cutting but then the anxiety set in and the depression. The feeling of I was alone and wanted to be by myself and cry over and over again was overwhelming. I decided to go see my counsellor again to ease the weight of my problems off my shoulders. Sometimes it helped other times it made things worse. Back two weeks ago I just lost it. I sunk farther into the darkness of depression and I couldn’t stop the crying. I didn’t want to go to school I just wanted to hide myself away. I sat crying trying my best to get myself straight but I couldn’t handle it. I took a small blade and cut across my wrist. I ended back in the counsellor’s room trying to fix my head. She didn’t do much just explained how I should try anti-depressants for the anxiety wich I recently started taking. They are helping. I haven’t been depressed for a week except for now, but still it’s better than normal. I’m not crying and I can think straight. Cutting is the biggest mistake of my life!


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