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I am Cynthia. I started cutting in the 8th grade. It all started as a thing to be cool, but then it got worse, I started to just do it for the time to feel relieved and free from the stress in my life. I tried to commit suicide once and lost blood, but I did it the wrong way so it formed a scab over it. The most I have done is fifty at a time. I made one that was huge and didn’t want to stop bleeding (after half an hour it stopped bleeding). My mom and dad found out one day when I forgot about it and wore a short sleeve shirt and got me into therapy and it is helping a little, but I still cut.

Update: Well, lately I have been so depressed. A kid at school found out that I cut and so he teased me and harressed me for a while. Some times I wish that I could just die and have nobody care that I have died. And sometimes I think that I could do more to my body then I have done. The most important thing in the world is to know that cutting is what I am and will always be. In my life right now it is really hard. I cut myself now every day, and I carry around a safety pin and knife to have in for emergencies. My family just doesn’t know how hard it is for me in this life. They know that I am a lesbian but they don’t know that I still cut. The only reason they don’t know is that I don’t cut on my arms anymore, because they check my arms every day.


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