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Hello, my name is Cyne-Burh. I’m thirteen years old. I have been SI’ing for about a year now. I didn’t even know they had a name for it at the time I was doing it. I just thought of it as self-abuse. But anyhow, I don’t do it to ‘fit in’ and I don’t brag about it. I think it’s really sometimes stupid to do it. But what can I say. I enjoy the pain of doing it. You can think of me as a ‘freak’ for liking the pain. I don’t give two shits. It sucks sometimes because when I’m at school I always wear my Nirvana hoodie and people are like “why do you always wear that hoodie all the time?” I always have to lie to them. I hate to lie. Also, I wrote a Kurt Cobain quote on the back of my test saying “I hate myself and I want to die” and I had forgotten my hoodie that day. And the teacher sent me down to the guidance counsellor and she saw the cuts. And she made me fill out some stupid suicide shit. It was dumb. I don’t know. And now my mom knows. I told her I had stopped and she believes me. I need help. And I know I can’t do it by myself. And I don’t know how to ask my mom. So yeah…


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