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Overcoming Life

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I started cutting about three years ago. I was fourteen and was raped by my best friend/boyfriend. It tore me apart that he of all people could do that to me. We had been best friends for ten years and he threw away our friendship like it was a piece of trash. Shortly after that my parents divorced and it was a huge custody battle and me being the oldest had to go testify. Eventually my mother disowned me because of it and I was physically abused by her and mentally abused by my father. When that all started that’s when I acted upon my feelings of cutting. I had thought about cutting since I was around eleven or twelve but really never had the urge to do it. But I had a lot of things going on and no way of knowing how to cope with it all. I spent hours crying alone in my bedroom where I was raped. I first started cutting just with a regular old steak knife from the kitchen and moved from that to razors which I currently still use. The last time I cut was on New Years Eve 2006. It has currently been almost five days since I last cut. I will be celebrating my 17th birthday this upcoming Saturday the 7th. I am hoping to continue not cutting. But it’s difficult since it’s been such a big thing in my life for a long time. I think about cutting everyday and it’s hard to deal with the temptations, so I am hoping to conquer this and to also help others to try to stop or to help them to never start.


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