H. M. Cluney

Keep Cutting Me

Copyright H. M. Cluney

Keep cutting me

Down to the core
To the center of me

Where the bleeding is strongest
Where I feel weakest

Where memories stay

* * *

Keep cutting me

Evil, dark eyes
Plunge into me

Not a care or concern for me

Just emptiness

Looking for a victim
Looking straight at me

Shaking with need

Frozen with fear

Nothing to lose

* * *

Keep cutting me

What I have,
I don’t care about

It matters less and less
What happens now

There’s no sign of you around…
But you keep cutting me

* * *

Inside me,
You’re still here

Tearing through my mind,
A vortex pulls me down


Killing the nerves I have left,
A lack of air to the head

Your image spinning in front of me…

You always frown

* * *

Keep cutting me

The end is still not in sight

Pummel me with pain
So I can feel


Where love is dead
Where ashes are spread…

There’s no way I can speak
To say how badly I need you

To cut me

For God’s sake

Finish me


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