Red Anger

Copyright, Hi-D

sitting in darkness
shedding my tears
i think of my past
and my wasted years

i search for my knife
to cut at hard times
i look at my wrist
and see the red lines

i cut at my wrist
and watch blood pour out
the lines represent
my pain and my doubt

i sit in darkness
black mixed with red
i let out red_anger
and wish that i’m dead


Copyright, Hi-D

how to make the days go by;
i always think of how to die.
answers i can never find,
you can’t see what’s in my mind.
i love you but i hate me.
i’d die for you now can’t you see.
you can live without me here,
but if you’re gone there will be tears;
i’d suffer in pain, month after year.
living my life is my greatest fear.
the end of me is very near.
i’ll miss you when i disappear.


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