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I Cried Today

I cried today
tears fell from tired eyes
only to hit unstable ground
warm and uncomfortable
I soak them right up

I hurt today
lost myself in delusions
and felt that sting
swollen and cracked
I bled under the skin

I lost today
gave up the fight
and put away my ambition
defeated and crushed
I cried myself away

Be Thankful

Be thankful for your demise
I want to soe right through your eyes
if it hurts don’t ever scream
it’ll get worse if you make a scene
the pain’s as real as flesh and bone
in your head it found a home
block it out with fire and smoke
cram it down your throat and choke
let it out and give it flight
make the world crumble with fright
let it out and rise up strong
remember how they pushed you down
give them something they will fear
make it something they will hear
when they fall just let them hit
remember always they’re full of shit
when you’re finally better inside
you’ll no longer have to run and hide
it won’t fully go away
just like scars, it will stay
but so will I, I will stay
keep you safe, don’t go astray
don’t forget that I love you
I would hope you love me too

My Secret

My secret
my obsession
let me have one session
my mind
my sanity
through my scars they left me
my urge
my temptation
gathers like condensation
my tool
my utility
to resist is futility

In Hiding

too cold and numb
to feel the blows
to naive and dumb
to know what she knows
so fucking tired
that it hurt
I want to be dead
buried in the dirt
she knows where I went
slinked off with cold steel
cut open my vent
she’ll never know how I feel

Hoodie Poem

It’s gonna change
I’ll make you see
It’s gonna change
A whole new reality
but help me
hold me
tell me I’m not what I see
the loser
the dumb
the sad
and the scum

Painful Nights

so much more to life
and so much more to see
boiled down to bone and knife
with so little left of me
I think I’ve seen the saddest sights
that led to all those painful nights
I’m waiting for the happieness
to wash right over me
to wash right over me
to soak right into me
to become a part of me
and when the happieness drips and burns
he’ll forget about the pain he learned

Tear it Up

tear it up and throw it away
tear it up and throw it away
i never thought it would be this way
tear it up and throw it away
that memory made it the darkest day
the smoke and ash will swirl it away
scars on my skin I knew would betray
tear it all up and fucking throw it away


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