Untitled — March 30, 2004

Copyright, Hope

Temptation draws me ever nearer to taking that final leap.
How much farther could I really have to fall?
Didn’t you see me plunge off the first cliff ages ago?
With each open wound, I fell farther and farther.
How many does that make, now? How far have I fallen?
I can’t even see the summit, from this place.
I can’t see the ground, either. It terrifies me
to know that the plunge I’d be taking would be unseen.
Look after you leap — free fall before you crash.
Enjoy life as it passes you by at top speed,
because I can feel it peeling away my resolve.
I can feel myself coming apart at the seems, and I wonder.
I wonder how much longer now, until I decide.
It’s only a matter of time, after all, until I fall.
It’s only a matter of seconds until the minute expires.
And that’s all we’ve got; one minute in the hour.
One moment in time is all that’s alotted to us.
So we’ve all got a time and place to fall -
I can feel mine gaining on me, sooner than later.
I want it to be over…temptation so sweet lingering
on the edge of my mind as I teeter on the edge of this cliff.
One wrong move, one swift fall, and it’s all over.
A serene place of eternal rest and ever bleeding orifices…
How much longer will I sway on this edge?


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