A Gentle Caress

Copyright Hayley

My body yearns for the pain
That forever lingers in my soul
Pleading for the gentle caress
That shall invigorate me no more.
My mind cries out in anguish
As I try to make sense of
All that my broken world
Unmercifully lies before me.
My thoughts have become contorted,
Lost in their own sense of reality
As I struggle to stop this stabbing pain
From digging deeper into my empty soul.
My apathetic feelings take hold
And my endeavor to hold on diminishes
For I find myself falling steadily further,
Whisked away from the light that
Was once my everlasting salvation.
The memories pass me by
And my bleeding heart is ripped open
Only to reveal the fear and lies
That silently reside within.
The mask of glass forced upon me
Cracks under the stares of scrutiny
And my corpse is thrown carelessly aside,
Left alone to wallow in the shadows
Of my own pitiless destruction.


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