Poem for my shrink Fione who made me realise this and Ben who it’s about

Copyright, Hanna

every little thing you say
gets stored up in my mind
and with each bad thing
you are truly helping
giving the courage to me
you see, it all adds up
with each negative word
comes a negative thought
and they build up in my mind
you’ve already said enough
my mind has been made up
the date,the time, the method
i know all those things
i’ve got it planned already
but each bad thing you say to me
makes me even more sure
you hurt me, i hurt myself
then you say i’m stupid
it’s a stupid thing to do
but i just have one thing to say
it’s all because of you

Please don’t steal it unless you mean it!

Copyright, Hanna

i don’t care what you say
i’m gonna do itmy way
when the end finally comes
it’ll be the way i want it done
it should be the way i choose
it’s my life that i’m gonna lose
don’t tell me not to die
and when i’m gone don’t ask why
i’m going to cause my own death
and when i take my last breath
don’t you ever dare to say
it shouldn’t have been this way
there will always be someone
who thinks there’s something they could’ve done
nothing anyone could do
was gonna change my point of view
lets face it, why should i lie
all i wanted was to die


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