Horror of Beauty

Angel of Death

Copyright, Horror of Beauty

The Angel of Death floats above your head
Reaching for your hand to bring you to the dead
You take her hand without a doubt in mind
Not thinking of the life you ll leave behind
You never want to let go of her hand
Fearing where she might make you land
The Angel of Death stares out in space
You see a smile spread upon her face
You ask, where are you taking me
She replies, just wait and see
Suddenly everything around you starts to turn
The hand of The Angel of Death begins to burn
From all the pain you had to let go
You hear her scream the word, NO
You feel yourself beginning to fall
The Angel of Death looks so small
You stop falling and land back to the life you had
You begin to feel very sad
So close to death were you
Now you don t know what to do
You look around and spot a knife
You decide you must take your life
You place the knife upon your skin
Not worrying if it s a sin
You begin to cut and watch the blood pour
You begin to feel your body soar
Then you see The Angel of Death
And begin to lose all your breath
Pain starts running through your head
You suddenly begin to feel dead
Tears swell up behind your eyes
All you can do is scream and cry
To be alive again will be never
Now you must be dead forever


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