Hurtz a Lot

Screaming Your Name, Feeling the Pain

Copyright Hurtz a Lot

Don’t run daddy, don’t be afraid
it’s just a bloody razor blade
Don’t run daddy, just come back here
Don’t rund daddy there’s nothing to fear
This blade was there more then you
This blade was what helped me get through
When you didn’t want to tuck me in at night
My blade was there to make it alright
When you didn’t want to give me a hug
The blade helped, daddy it’s my drug
Don’t run from the friend that kept me alive
Don’t run from the friend that helped me survive
It’s strange that the weapon that should have hurt me bad
Didn’t hurt me near as much as my own dad


Copyright Hurtz a Lot

I look at the knife and it’s calling my name
Come here, don’t play this game
Don’t tease yourself, you know you want me bad
I help ease the pain when your feeling sad
I’m the only one who understands just how you feel
I’m the only one who can help you deal
Deal with the pain that your going through
Deal with the problems that weigh down on you
Deal with the sadness that’s in your eyes
Deal with the anger and deal with the lies
The lies people told you, the lies that they shared
The lies people said such as you don’t have to be scared
yes I do fear and yes I am afraid
But I’m not alone because I have my blade


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