The End

Copyright, HoldOnToMeLove

You are sitting there in the corner
You are screaming and crying
I’ve finally taken the last step and now it’s over
I’ve told you I wont keep trying

I gave you so many chances, what a pretty mess
Chances you didn’t deserve at all
But you just waisted them, cause couldn’t care less
And then you begged for a new, the last one of all

I was unconscious, I was dumb, I was blind
I lyed to myself and said it’s gonna be all right
The day will come, the day when you’ll make up your mind
But that day never came, even if I cried every night

So now I’m letting go, letting go on you
I’ve finally made my decision that you deserve most, my dear
Here it finally ends, the pain, the blood, the fears, the tears I’ve been through
I walk away from you, away from the past, away from here

My Solitude

Copyright, HoldOnToMeLove

I stand here in the field
And know you will come

Please stroke my cheek gently
And wipe away all these bloody tears

Please fight away all my fears
And heal these wonds which is left behind

Please clean all these black thoughts inside my head
And whisper a sweet lullaby in my ears

Please come and set my heart free
And release it from all this pain

Please hold me very tight
And never ever let go

Please protect me from all these sufferings
And make me feel safe

Please entertain me
And tell me I’m not alone

Please take me away from here
And take me to a place where I belong

Please take my hand
And lead me into the green forest

Please tell me that you can feel my pain
And assure me that you understand


Pain, Go Away!

Copyright, HoldOnToMeLove

I wonder where all this pain come from
Maybe it’s here inside my heart?
If it is can I so please ask it to move away?
Cause its been living here to long
And very soon its home will fall apart
So please pain, go away!

It really hurts to have you living here
You are to heavy and captivating
To dark and evil
You hate the happiness and good times
But love the sadness and lonliness
You kill smiles
And enjoy tears
So please pain, go away!
And let me stay

Burn in Hell

Copyright, HoldOnToMeLove

I hate you for all the pain you brought me through
I hate you for not being there when I needed you the most
I hate you cause you didn’t reach a hand when I needed someone to hold on
I hate you for just watched me fall and didn’t grab me
I hate you for all the tears you made me cry
I hate you for all the blood you made me bleed
I hate you for all the sorrow you made me be friends with
I hate you for everytime I was going to leave, you told me not to give up and fight for you
I hate you for made me belive that was sense in not to give up on you
I hate you cause you watched me suffer in front of your feet
I hate you for your numbness and coldness
I hate you for you showed me all my darkest sides
I hate you for you took away all my sleep at nights
I hate you for the loneliness and emptyness you made me fell
I hate you when you took all my appreciations here in life
I hate you for just carring about your own fucking life
I hate you cause you made me feel stupid and worthless
I hate you for all the times when you acted sorry and told me that you regret
I hate you for made me stand every night in my ice-cold balcon and cry
I hate you more than you’ll ever know
Cause you are never gonna read this
But deep in my mind
I hope deeply that you’ll burn in hell for this


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