Scar of Pain

Copyright, Heidi

Every scar has a story,
Some of pain and some of glory.
Every scar goes it’s own depth,
Every scar has already wept.
Every scar has emotionsal detail,
Every scar may even someday sale.
Every scar has it’s own youth,
Every scar is a sign of truth


Copyright, Heidi

This pain deep inside, behind my heart and my ribs. Inside it lies I can’t get it out. Needles and razorblades, knifes and fire. This pain is really deep inside, I can’t get it out. I’m crawling in my skin, so full of scars. This is my outfit, a tear twinkle in my eye.

I scream loud, the blood starts to flow. This pain deep inside, it stays no matter what’s inside. Blood is streaming down my arm, I wish I had a lonely star…


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