Nature’s Rite of Passage

Copyright Heather

The airful water is not confused
when it hits the comfortness of
a moss bed on a foggy morning.
But yet it is surprisingly calm
when it touches the surface and soaks
into the deep boundaries of the dirt.
It travels along the unmade path of blood,
as it nears the end, it drops off the path never
to be seen again.

The Razor Blade

Copyright Heather

i cut my wrist and let it bleed,
just a little more pain thats all i need,
the razor blade in my hand,
ready to bleed till i cant stand,
i cut and cut and just cant stop,
depper and deeper the razor won’t drop,
my arm is now numb and bloody,
i finally stop for a breif second to study,
to study the way the pain makes me feel,
yet the pain for me is truly ideal,
i pick up the razor and cut some more,
all of a sudden i hear a knock at the door,
i pay no attention and let the razor go deeper,
the deeper the better this pain is a keeper,
my body keeps screaming “more, more”,
so i give it what it wants and carve whore,
i hate who i am i hate how i look,
yet no one would notice if my own life i took,
my arm is now full of cuts and bruises,
so i move onto my leg with no confusion,
i slash my legs with deep long cuts,
never takes long to work up the guts,
finally i stop and put the razor away,
and just walk away knowing ill be back another day.


Copyright Heather

1 cut 2 cut 3 cut 4
5 cut 6 cut 7 cut more
8 cut 9 cut 10 cut stop
11 cut 12 cut 13 cut the knife won’t drop
14 cut 15 cut 16 cut oh the gore
17 cut 18 cut 19 cut finally my body falls to the floor
1 breath 2 breath 3 breath 4
5 breath 6 breath 7 breath i cant breath no more

Laws From Within

Copyright Heather

These restrictions bear only to myself
The bearer slices my skin with his penetrating whispers of hate and desire
I escaped my fears to open my caged unreality
The unreality engrossed with your realm of obsession
There’s no place for us here; no place where my dreams of falling stars can wrap around you
There’s no place for fear; no place for fears’ ebony hands to engulf you
Send me the quickest promise in the closed moonlight
How ironic the moon is as a small hole in the sky for the warm light to flow through
As the little girl, I watched closely, unaware of the eldest star gazing upon my truth


Copyright Heather

Too many people know,
But they dont,
Know why i really do it,
They ask over and over,
But all I do is shrug,
Because that’s,
Exactly what I,
Ask myself

The Glint of the Blade

Copyright Heather

she goes home
to a careless house
full of people
who dont care

as she runs to
her room,
dodging her
drunken father
and her insane mother,
she tries to stop the tears

she reaches
her room
and stops crying
when she sees
the glint of the blade


Copyright Heather

When I told you I thought I was depressed
You thought I was joking
But if you knew what I did down in my room
you would not think I was joking

For what I do is between me and someone I trust
I am not weak
but I do need help…


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