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My name is Abi. I have read the stories for the first time today. Well, let me tell you how it all started for me: About three years ago I was bullied by a group of girls because of the way I was. Then things were going downhill at home due to the fact of my stepdad (who doesn’t live with us anymore). Then I was going downhill (I’d rather not say how) but I used to go home and cry for hours! This crying wasn’t helping at all. What I wanted was pain for the reason I don’t know, one night I went into the bathroom I just had enough of everything. I was sat on the toilet crying with no sound. I then saw the razor. I thought it was was just going to be the one off but… As soon as I done the first cut I started to feel better about myself. I done about fifteen that night before I went to sleep. I felt no pain whilst I was doing it. I was a cutter “as they say” for about two years. If for you people need advise I’ll say only you can stop, no one else can stop you. I’m happy now at college. Please e-mail me, it will be interesting to hear how other people are getting on. My e-mail address is, so get back to me.


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