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My Story

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I first started cutting when I was about twelve or thirteen years old. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I heard that it can solve your problems. I was watching a TV show when they did a segment on what I heard about. I watched it and I saw what the girl did. She had cut marks all over her arms. So that night I remembered what I saw and heard. She said she did it because it made all the emotional pain go away. I took a knife and did the same cut marks as she did. For some reason, I felt a whole lot better. So every time I got angry or depressed I started to cut again. People thought I was acting weird so they all suspected something. Someone told the counsellor about my weird behaviour and she wanted to see my arms. So I showed her and I ended up going to the hospital that day. I was there for about two weeks and I went home. I started up again and ended up in the same place that I left.

Well, when I was fifteen years old I finally decided to stop the cutting. Just recently things have gotten really stressed for me and I started to cut again. I’m seventeen now and I know I shouldn’t do it but I have been and I’ve been feeling a lot better about things. I don’t know if I’m ever going to stop. If anyone wants to get a hold of me about their cutting or just need someone to talk to, my e-mail is in the subject put cutting so I know it’s from someone who needs to talk or whatever.


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