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I’m Adrian, I’m 13 and I have been cutting for 3 years now. I started in 6th grade. I wish I could stop but I don’t just cut I burn myself too. I started at school when I was getting picked on I cut myself in class and I kept cutting. I still am now. My teachers were starting to worry about me because I would write a lot of poems and stories about myself but I used a different name so no one would know it’s about me. I have picked up on another bad habit wich is eating then I throw it up. Sometimes I just make myself throw up and don’t eat that whole day. The thing I’m afraid of is my parents finding my cuts and finding out that I’m makin myself puke because I don’t want to end up in a psychiatric hospital. I used to only cut once a day now it’s becoming 3 to 5 times a day and I throw up 5 times a day or more. I’m starting 8th grade and hopefully this year I can try to stop.


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