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I think that I have SI. It started when I was about 14. I started plucking my eye brows. After a while I would pluck so bad that I had scabs. Then I would pick the scabs. Then it went from eyebrows to my whole face. I would see a pimple then pop it so much that it would scab. It wasn’t until recently that I realized it was because something wasn’t right with a part of my life. When there was somthing really bothering me I would pull out the tweezers and pick away my face. Other times I wasn’t to stressed out I’d use my fingernails. I also pick at my scalp. I would find dirt, or scratch to make a sore, then it would be a scab. I would pull the scab and a chunk of hair with it. I have a problem with expressing my emotions and this is a way that I let them out. Now that I know I have a problem, everytime I walk to that mirror in the bathroom I take a step back and take a good look at what’s happening in my life, and then take that and work on that. I feel now that I have more control over myself than when I was SI.


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