Aine Maythen

Out of Luck

Copyright, Aine Maythen

You ever wonder why some get all the luck while others get crap? I’ve been trying to figure that out for years. I was sexually abused and physically abused by two different people as a child. At the age of ten, my grandmother died, who was a very important figure in my life. When my mother and I moved, I started a more unnoticed eating disorder, binge eating. Yes, it is a disorder. I was constantly made fun of by the kids in school and, at the age of 13, started cutting. I was then dragged to the therapist, soon after that I was put on medication, and soon after that I took my first trip to the hospital for a suicide attempt. I got out and was back four days later for my second suicide attempt. I was then transferred to a different hospital because of my lack of cooperation with hospital staff. After being transferred, I did even worse at this hospital, which is actually a well-known hospital and was the basis for “Girl Interrupted”. The name of the hospital is McLean and it is in Belmont, Mass. I was in East House Two which is an acute residential wing. Meaning, it’s like a residential in a hospital but you’re only supposed to be there for a very short period of time (unlike East House One, which was long term). Anyway, I was there for a month which was well over how long I was really supposed to be there. I did horrible there, too, so I was sent to a residential program in Haverhill, Mass. It was extremely strict there so you had to watch your step. I got out eight months later and went home. You would think that would be the end of it but think again. I was kicked out of my house at age 17, for the stupidest reson you could ever imagine. Though I have figured out the real reason is that my mom had to move and she thought she wouldn’t be able to afford a two bedroom apartment so she kicked me out when the opportunity arose (by the way she now lives in a $145.000 luxury apartment with her boyfriend. They can both kiss my ass for all I care). So, I went to a few foster homes and then I went to a group home in Lawrence, Mass. I became a pill head and an even more frequent cutter. I then came here, to my own apartment furnished by a company who helps me out. I’ve had a wild ride, but the past is past. I’ve also been diagnosed with everything in the book and I am now on 8 medications and the one thing that upsets me the most is the fact that I am stigmatized every day as someone who has a disability. To wrap it all up, some people have all the luck but I haven’t so far. I’m hoping the next 19 years will be memorable in a good way and nothing like the past 19. Bright Blessings.


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