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My name is Ami and I am thirteen years old. I SI or as I say, cut. I have been cutting since last summer. You may think it hasn’t been that long so it’s not that serious, but it is. I have other friends that cut and my scars and cuts are by far the worst out of anyone I know that cuts themselves. I have been offered help, I don’t want it. Cutting does help and I don’t need anything else. Although I don’t want to stop and I say that it helps, I still hope that the people who think about starting to cut themselves choose another way to cope. I believe that there are better and other ways to help yourself than cutting.

This is still very hard to say because I just let myself realise that not too long ago. As I have read on here in many other people’s stories, they find their cuts and scars as a safety blanket. They remind me that that past is real. And that things did not just happen in my mind. They are what keeps me sane.


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