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I knew someone who cut their wrists. He was my best friend and I cared so much about him. We were talking on the computer and he mentioned it and I asked him if he ever did it and he said that he was doing it for like three years. Well over the summer we had lots of fun together me, him and our friend Ally. It got really bad. He really liked Ally and she didn’t like him like that so he started to cut even more. One night at his house I was talking to him and we were actually going to sleep at his house. My friend Ally was asleep on his bed and I was sitting next to her. He came in, the lights were off and we started talking and he was like look at this and he showed me that he had just cut. I started to cry and I couldn’t handle it. We talked about it more and one night we got in some trouble and his dad was taking me and Ally home. We were in the car and he said that he was really mad and that he was going to cut tonight and I was like what if I did it. I was really mad that night too and that was the first time I cut. He kept telling me that in some way it helps your problems. And it kind of did but it was also really bad to do. I cut for a while. When he and Ally found out that I was cutting they got really mad and told me to stop or they will tell my mom. Ally kept talking to me about it and what it will do to me and he stopped talking to me for a while. And also my mom did find out that I cut and told me to stop or she would send me somewhere. I did stop and so did he. He wanted to stop because he saw the pain that me and Ally went through and I stopped because I knew that I could loose two of my best friends and that would just make me crazy. But I have lost one of my friends. Jeff was the one who cut and my mom saw his wrists thinking that he made me cut myself and that’s not true. I still talk to him every day even though my mom doesn’t know and I still get the urge to cut.


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