Angel Forever

Why I Did It

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I started SH on the 17th of December 2002. My mum had told us that we were moving to Norfolk. I was in year 9, had loads of friends and didn’t want to move. I couldn’t talk to anyone about it but I knew I had to do something. So I took the nail scissors, I scraped them across my arm. They made a mark but not enough, so I took apart my sharpener and made 11 incisions on my arm. I have been doing it ever since. The longest time I’ve gone without doing it is a month but I couldn’t take it any longer than that. The last time I did it was Tuesday and I had done it for three days constantly and you couldn’t see any flesh on the bottom of my left arm. It was that bad. I try and stop, but it is so hard once you start because you rely on it, because you know that it sorted you out once, so you know it will sort you out again. I know it is wrong but at the moment I know I can not stop.


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