Pandora Medea

Little Red Lines

Copyright, Pandora Medea

Lines is all
They are
Little red lines
Pricked every so lightly
With little drops
Of blood

Why do I do it
Why can’t I stop
It is an addition
Far worse then drugs
It is an addiction
To the blood
To the pain
To the release

The look so harmless
Yet I fear
They may get worse

Once you have started
It is so so hard to stop
It is a cycle
A very bloody cycle

Of pain
Of blood
Of shame
Of happiness
Of sadness
Of hope
Of lose
Of emotions
So profound
You can not describe them

It is the worse
Of all drugs
The knife
The razor
The lighter
The stone
They all bring

They are my tools
My friends
They create
The designs on
My skin

They help
In their own sick
Therapeutic way

Oh this little red lines
Dotted so lightly with blood
You are not the worse
Nor the best of my struggle
With an addiction
To pain and blood


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