Perdita (Lost)

Copyright Perdita

Lost. What does it really mean?
That you can’t find you way home from the dark forest?
or simply that you’re trapped in a forest
of you thoughts, that reality is all too much?
You become a slave to your mind,
because when you bottle up your emotions
you’re bottling up yourself.
You’re stuck inside,inside of it all
The chaos that you inhale
with every breathe you take
it feels too good
That’s why I go back.
I do it just to know I am alive
When I do it I know I’m breathing
No one knows. They can’t know.
I have to be perfect
my grades slip
my sleeping isn’t sleep anymore
I don’t know what sleep is.
My friends fall farther.
What friends?
I am Confused
I am Alone
I am Lost
I am Perdita.


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