Poetry helps me cope. I can put my feelings down on paper, as I don’t have the guts to kill myself. I just wish I’d die and never wake up.

Woken by an Angel

Copyright Phil

I was woken by an angel in the middle of the night, She held me in her arms and said I’d be alright, I cried upon her shoulder, I weapt for all I could, But nothing seemed to matter she said she understood, She told me of a special place then looked me in the eye, She wiped a tear from off my cheek and told me not to cry, “Close your eyes my child tonight’s your lucky night”, She whisked me through the stars and sky straight towards the light, Then there I was in heaven stood before the gates, The most beautiful place id ever seen was right before my face, She told me this was mine all that I could see, “One day my child when you’ve had enough your welcome here with me”, “I’m taking you back home now just think of what I’ve said”, And then before I knew it I was wide awake in bed.


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