Prelude To a Suicide

Copyright Paul

Hymns of shapeless demons
drown out the virtuous voices
echoing deeply within
my hollowed mind
vague screams of penance
try to penetrate
the thin walls outlining
my decadent demeanor

Through my ravenous endeavors
I have only incited
insidious contempt as my
covetous nature has bred
a fantasy where my rapture
is being expelled and
concealing itself far
beneath the shadows
of my false expectations

Though painfully apparent
the mirror reveals a ghost
my mind interprets not
the image as anything
more or less than an
inescapable result of my
immorality that has brought
forth my own demise

I breathe deep the darkness
and collect my sullen thoughts
for what is the last time
as if guided by an invisible
force I behold the razor
before me and summon the
courage to open the gates
of eternity to fulfill
my blackened destiny
with no indications of remorse

Having taken flight upon
the darkened wings of iniquity
I envision the hopelessness
through a window tainted
only by my utter hatred
the one and only bond
I share with each victim I have encountered in my day
now forms a puddle as shallow
as my regard for human life…
Death is all I can anticipate


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