PleaseCut Marisa

You Might Think I’m Crazy

Copyright, PleaseCut Marisa

You might think I’m crazy
You might think I’m sick
But the way that I feel
I certainly did not pick

My dad doesn’t want me
My mom chooses a man
I have to cut
The pain, I can’t stand

It seems that when
The blood leaves my veins
It carries away
All of my pains

I try to get help
But nothing will change
Why is it like this?
Why am I so strange?

No one understands
Not even me
What did I do?
I just cannot see

I’ve tried to end my life
But my body still holds on
Is this a sign
That the pain will be gone?

But it gnaws at my soul
It never goes away
But before I go
I have more to say

The doctors tell me
Things will be ok
And that I will stop
Feeling this way

I just want someone
To be there, someone who cares
But everyone judges
Everyone stares

Is there anyone out there
Who could love someone like me
Someone who wouldn’t judge
And like me for me

I wish I had friends
Who would help me through
This horrible time
Could that friend be you?


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