Copyright Pitchoonette

Today, I held with temptation,
Like with my bad intentions.
Evil, I was not done any.
What I wanted to do,
I have quite simply to draw it,
To release me and without me to wound.

Let my Blood

Copyright Pitchoonette

If one day you see blood,
On all along my arms.
Let my blood run,
Let my blood run has floods,
Do not play the hero.
Do not come to save me,
I want to rest,
Even if it is for always,
I do not want to see any more rising the day.
If I do that, it is that I want to finish some,
For finally more being able to suffer.
Leave me released has my way,
It is the best thing for me.
Please, anything, I do not do t’en taken,
And live your life…


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