It Hurts

Copyright, Punk-Rider

It’s getting to me
I can feel it inside
It’s pouring out of me
It hurts

I can get it out
With once little cut
I can’t let myself
Not now

So long without hurt
But I have to
It’s pouring out of me
I’m dieing

Why wont the pain stop
My organs are dieing
Their combusting
inside me

Too much to let out
Slowly ease it out
Relieve what is in you
It hurts

Surviving the next cut
It will hurt
But I will like it
It aches

It becomes too much
Life and what not
I can’t end it
But it hurts

Can’t waste 14 years
So much to live for
But I ache
And it hurts

It hurts more than before
I can’t go on alone
I need something
Relieve me

Seeping out like crystals
Just gone
It’s over
I’m still here


Copyright, Punk-Rider

Once again the rain pours like my tears
I step over to the drawer which holds my fears
I wish that I would throw the blade away
I wish I was rid of every scar up to this day
But as usual mindless I take the blade to my wrist
Dragging it slowly like some painful twist
Not happy yet so let’s make another slice
Perfect. dontcha just hate it when you feel so nice
This time it’s for you.I hope you’re satisfied
You couldn’t let me be even after I cried
This is what I have to live with every day
Hiding behind things and staying out of the way
I get all choked up when things are this bad
Sometimes I wonder why I’m really this sad
It’s one of those days when I want to die
When i sit in my room and just let myself cry
I hold myself where the cuts hurt the best
Everyday in my life is like some messed up test
I can’t tell people about the pain I’m in
I can’t explain how I feel without sin
After years of hating myself and wanting to die
And years of the tears that streamed from my eyes
I will hold on for you my angel my love
I believe in satan but you’re from above
I believe one day I will stop hurting myself
I will stop putting me on the second shelf
People think I’m wrong but they don’t understand
How i take in the world and live in a land
Bleeding is what makes me better and I’ll carry on
Until the day an angel rescues me and takes me along
To a place where people will not judge me at all
For not being like them and thinking I’m small
And Once again the rain pours like my tears
I step over to the drawer which holds my fears
I wish that I would throw the blade away
But every scar holds a memory even till this day


Copyright, Punk-Rider

I hang a skeleton from a chain.
Reminds me that there is a pain.
I stab a dolly in the arm.
Reminds me that I do self harm.
I dream a dream where I die.
Reminds me of the times I cry.

And then I get my blade…
Just reminds me I’m alive…


Copyright, Punk-Rider

That’s me.
Most days.
I agree
Yes, but you can’t see.
Sorry? what was that?


Copyright, Punk-Rider

It’s late,not tired.
What now?
Shal I watch TV?
What’s this?
Someone online?
Let’s talk.
Going great.
Sure your lifes fine.
How’s mine you ask?
Yeah it’s fine..
Not much, you?
Out with mates..
Sure mates..out no.
Locked away in my room.
I just want to feel.
I want to be loved,
I want to be cared for.
My heart hurts,
It really does,
I want help, one can now
For now it’s my secret
I’m no longer a princess
Daddy’s little defect…


Copyright, Punk-Rider

Ever get the feeling,
the feeling people stare?
Ever get really mad,
When no one seems to care?

No one can understand,
understand the pain.
But I get it all away,
Over and over again.

Pull down my sleeves,
pull up my socks.
I have my feelings hid,
shut up with locks.

Don’t touch my mask,
let me stay,let me cry.
Let me wallow in my sorrow,
but don’t let me die.

Sit in the corner,
enter my safe place
Let the anger drain,
frown wiped from my face.

My strawberry Gashes,
always be there.
Just remember there is someone,
Who will always care.


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