Persona Non Grata

Persona non grata

Copyright, Persona Non Grata

Arrogate my lonesome persona,
only phantasm, a shield among all,
all this pain abrading my excistance,
complexed disgust, tear drops to dirty and corrode my body,
ablusion, i keep myself from the depth of the dark,
comes back razor sharp, imagining my remains only to dwell and detest,
cry and crash, flood into my repression,
keep me alive, life so fabricated, chivalry so jaded,
toward this sight, such aberration to shatter,
close these eyes, as you steel me away,
i damage myself, ruin all worth,
each piece of glass to fall apon my skin,
to fall apon these broken scars,
emanciate me by marking me,
to kill the inside that stalks me,
swollen abraisions, will you love me now,
this blood that drifts along this sunset,
constant shimmer of my abomination,
abided for too long, for nothing,
youve never heard my sielence,
the bellowing screams to twist a knife through my only haven,
passion for love i fear to taste,
while i hold myself alone through the night,
just slain all my ardor i had for you,
slip away, falling afraid, sleeping awake, bleeding again,
but still you must be, still you loathe me, still you taunt me,
but no longer am i your daemon,
tergiversate but must neglect through demand,
scream to me the devil while im walking away,
my sudden accurance please dont make me see,
this ugly truth to repepulse my youth,
seek where i hide away,
disastrous pain i live in myself,
a dream of want, of greed over me,
sollemn beauty, only to lament my new vitality,
my spirit for you only to deplore.


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