Blood Flows Gold

Copyright, Patrick

My blood flows gold,
My heart pumps black,
What can I do,
To bring my life back?

My scars scream red,
My veins plead cut,
Once you’re there,
There’s no way back.

My body it aches,
My eyes flutter closed,
I slump on the floor,
Away the pain goes.

The sparkle is gone,
There is no way to fight,
It stole my soul,
I can’t find the light.


Copyright, Patrick

I’ve done a lot of things in my short life,
Many I wouldn’t care to repeat.
I’ve seen a lot of things in my short life,
Most of which I’d rather forget.

I’ve loved and I’ve been loved,
And if I changed one person’s life,
That’ll make it all seem worthwhile.

I’ve hurt and I’ve been hurt,
But if that changed one person’s life,
I still couldn’t find the time to smile.

If I were a cat I could die nine times over,
And maybe one day I’ll get it right.
But what would that achieve?

I could carve your name across my arm,
And everytime I bled I could think of you,
But would that make you love me more?

There’s so much that I can’t say in words,
Actions say so much more.
But sometimes my actions say far too much,
And I only make a fool of myself.

Try as I might,
I can never feel right,
There’s something missing in my life.

Drugs don’t help they way they used to,
But that doesn’t give me reason to hurt you.
But still I do and hate myself for it.

I love you, but you can’t see why.
I hear your voice everytime I cry,
And if I changed your life, then that makes it all seem worthwhile.


Copyright, Patrick

The other day when I was alone,
Throwing away clothes that I’d outgrown,
I came across an old memory,
That I thought from which my mind was free…

It took so long for those wounds to heal,
The scars, though old, look so unreal,
I try to hide ancient mistakes,
But every time my conscience breaks

Today, once more, I find myself alone,
Trapped amongst memories no longer known,
Forever recalled by the scars on my wrists,
Seeing his face makes me clench my fists…

I Don’t Want To

Copyright, Patrick

I’ve fought so long, and I’ve tried,
I’ve lived my life for her and I’ve cried,
No matter how much you earn, how much you’re worth,
In the end we all return to the earth.

Chorus Lift me up and elevate me,
Kiss me, hurt me, love me, hate me,
I’ll cry a river so I can drown,
You don’t understand, you’ve never felt this down.

All that was blurry, now I see clear,
My thoughts disperse, they disappear.
Can’t stand seeing you with him,
But I love you so much… where do I begin?


I don’t want to see any more,
I don’t want to hear any more,
I can’t stand to feel any more,
I don’t want to feel… Just want to be healed…


I don’t want to think any more,
I don’t want to cry any more,
I don’t want to bleed any more,
I don’t want to bleed…
But it’s just what I need…

Lift me up and elevate me,
Kiss me, hurt me, love me, hate me,
Only one way to remove this hurt,
Leave me now before I bleed on your skirt…

Never Forgive, Never Forget (A Prayer For Donna)

Copyright, Patrick

Let me tell you a sad little story,
‘bout a little girl I know
Forever hiding in the comfort of her dreams,

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions,
But walked along by folks you’d rather not mention
Why’d she wanna go there anyway?
Seems she hates it all too much to stay…

Always different from the other girls,
No one else like her in the whole wide world,
She dyes her hair and paints her nails,
Slits her wrists if all else fails.

It’s her way of showing she’s hurting inside,
Trying to heal her pain, trying not to hide,
Putting out cigarettes in the palm of her hand,
Parents and teachers, they just don’t understand.

Lying alone and still in bed,
Dreams of lost lovers run through her head,
He comes to see her out of guilt and nothing more,
Couldn’t care less once he’s out that door.

Her lover hates it, he can’t see what she can see
But still she stands by him, loyal as can be,
Not for the first time she felt his violent touch,
But she won’t ever leave him, she loves him far too much.

Even when she’s happy, old habits die hard.
Her soft and frail arms forever will be scarred.


Copyright, Patrick

In the halls of unwilling hosts we dine,
Although we are unwanted their hate is benign,
Over vast plains of nothing these careless people reign,
It may be possible that such a fruitless situation should drive one insane,
One may walk through an endless space of nothing,
Only to find that the nothing is everything,
Uninvited Guests come and leave as they wish,
All are welcome to take their share of food from the empty dish


Copyright, Patrick

Darkness cannot exist where light is present,
Death cannot exist where life is absent.
Any object can cast a shadow,
Darkness fades as light grows,
Only in darkness can you see when something glows.
Snow is white, blood is red,
those who bleed too much will soon be dead.
Friends are like stars, she once said,
But stars don’t shine forever,
They could cause death and destruction within a thousand miles,
They could shrink and become dark,
Sucking all the life and light out of you.
In my case, it’s already happened.
Are they really worth it?
I dunno… let’s put our heads together and think


Copyright, Patrick

I don’t have anybody to talk to,
I don’t have anybody to confide in,
Even if I did, I wouldnt be able to tell them anything,
Because I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

I unscrewed a light bulb,
And crushed it with my fist.
I extracted the bloody shards from my palm,
and drove it into one of the veins on my wrist.

I washed my hands of all the blood,
I washed my mind of all the pain,
I cleased my skin of all the mud,
But the shards of glass still remain.

I wish I had somebody.
I wish I had anybody.
I have nothing.
Then, off in the distance, the bells stop ringing…

They’re gone.


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