Copyright, Phyllis

A Cutters Life

She holds her arms up to the light
Afraid to see the horrible sight
Her arms are scarred with cuts of pain
Left to show the lasting pain of life
Her eyes fill up with those salty tears
Doing this to herself for all these years
The time has come to make a change
But it’s too late to heal the pain
Mom and dad don’t really care about
Their sweet little special girl
She’s so lost, so dazed, and confused
Where to turn and what to do about the pain
That’s been in her life and in her soul
The world turns empty and really cold
She’s no one special in their eyes
The pain’s inside wishing for air
She takes her blade and slits it there
The blood rushes out and the pains long gone
But in her heart it’s always there
She’s left alone to swallow her fears
and left alone with so many tears
She’ll get better maybe someday
Look back on those years and cry in tears
For those were the years she died in fear

Feelings of Pain

Red are the tears that fill my eyes
black as coal is the color of my soul
sweet as honey the taste of my blood
works of art all over my beautiful body
tales of pain run through my head
looks of shame cast upon my name
tears of joy steam down my face
at last i’ve won this awful race

So Alone

Lift your head to see the light
Such awful site in this world today
Force to live in your own little world
No one’s there to ease the pain
You fall down and nothings changed
Voices talk inside your head constantly
Warning you of what’s ahead in your life
So alone to let in the light of a friend


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