Problem Solver

Copyright, Pineapple

Black is not a color
But the way I feel inside
I do not tell anyone
Only on paper do I confide

Roses, not a shade of red
But a flower filled with blood from which I shed
The image of shattered glass
Slicing in my skin
This is the only way
To let out the pain within

Tears, they don’t mean anything
For they were created for despair
But blood, it is a part of me
The real way to show I care

When emotions start to take over
For me they’re much too strong
Guilt clouds over my mind
This is the way I right my wrong


Copyright, Pineapple

Hello, it’s disappointment again
I’ve come to make you cry
Shed me floods of blood
I want you to wish you would die

Beaming upon your face
Seeping into your skin
Changing all your thoughts
You’re under my control

Hello, it’s disappointment again
I’ve been watching you for a long time
Will you be my friend?
Soon enough, you will be mine


Copyright, Pineapple

I cant believe you,
I hope you fucking die
I love you
I hate you
Can I believe you?
Will I ever be able to look you in the eye?
How the fuck could you do this?

So angry, I can barely rhyme
All you did was waste my time
Stay away from me,
Hold me tight,
Kiss me
As I put up a fight.

How could you?
How DARE you?
Will I be able to sleep at night?

All I want to do is hurt myself,
Because I dont know if I want to hurt you
drugs razors knifes

burn out my eyes and deafen my ears
hide me from my own fucking fears
Scare myself
Give myself chills
Cry by myself
Give myself pills

Do what you feel
Say what you mean
I will forever hide, just so I cant be seen

Count the Scars

Copyright, Pineapple

How much do I love you?
Let me count the scars.
How many tears have I cried?
Let me count the stars.

I am never good enough for you.
I am wrong no matter what I say or do.


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