What’s the Point

Copyright, Psychoshannon

whats the point of this place
come over here and have a taste
all the cuts people nuts
all the stuff wirling in there minds
problems so many kinds
insecure, get a pedicure
simple fixes like drink mixes
why can’t they understand
life is full of unhappening plans

Episode Reruns

Copyright, Psychoshannon

i hate these epissodes
when my pain explodes
crawling up my spine
is the a bad sign
all the stress
the liklyness
of been insain
in the wrong lane
can’t you see
cant hurt me
to numb
to dumb
to come
to my sences
to find the truth
the reason for pain

People Say

Copyright, Psychoshannon

i hate it when people say things
they don’t mean
mean what they don’t say
takes time away
froms things you want to see
want to be

Hate Myself

Copyright, Psychoshannon

god i hate myself
wish i could be an elfe
and scurry away
to end my day
by slashing my throat
so i don’t have to hear you quote
that tomorrows another chance
i have been put in a trance
goale is to die
i sit here and cry
my leg is bleeding
my demond is teething
as i pray
to someone who dose not care
i neal down and say please don’t just stare
nothing changes
oh soul i miss u
u know what i can do
i hide my self from u
but only hurt you more
tryed to stop the things i do
and let my feelings sore


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