Copyright, Priya

If you saw me cry,
Why do u want me to die?
I will just go,
Than you ll know!
You’ll realize your mistake
All the hate you had for me
I wish you could see me now!
How? How may I ask?
How are you such an ass?
Why do you try to change me?
I won’t be something I’m not!
You just need to accept that!
You hate me, I hate you!
You can go to hell I’m not going with you!
Just let me go, I want to go, I need to go
How can you not know?
Why do you always make/force me to put on a show?
I know everyone knows, you need to know!
You’re horrible, mean and nasty.
Just let me go, don’t be hasty.
You can’t look at me
Love me
See me or
Take me in
Well that’s your sin!
Can’t you look at my face & skin?
Don’t you know who made me to be happy?
Why are you so sappy?
You make me angry.
Just remember you ll sooner or late have to deal with him!
He will know your sin
He will see your sin
He will punish you for your sin
It’s all up to him
If you saw me cry,
Why do you want me to die?
I will let him deal with you!
I will just go
I need to go
Let me go
Then you’ll be happy
You can stop being so sappy?v I’m unwanted here
This is going to be my last tear!
Look at my shadow
I’m sick of bleeding
Now I’m leaving
Do you miss me?
I don’t miss you!

The Game

Copyright, Priya

The Game
You said you loved me
And I loved you
No longer are we together
We actually split in two
I can’t believe it
I don’t want to believe it
It makes me feel like shit
I fell for your game
You are so lousy and lame
The way you make them fall for you
And then you say, ‘I Love You’
Then you leave them
Their hearts may never mend
You can bend
You can twist
For sure you’re not getting another kiss!


Copyright, Priya

Why is the biggest question I want to ask?
Why me?
Why am I here?
Obviously I’m unwanted here!
Trust me I can easily go
I will walk through rain, sleet and snow
Just as long as I’m free
Free of your torment
Free of your excessive wanting of perfection
That’s not me
You should be thankful for what you’ve got
I’m sorry I was the child you chose
Easily I can go through rain, sleet or snow
It wouldn’t be like running away
Because you don’t worry about me
You hate me
I can’t totally tell
I don’t care anymore
Because I know I truly deserve more
More than what you got
More than you’ll ever have
You are full of crap
I’m fed up with it
You take that shit away
I don’t need it
You can keep it
Bleeding has been the answer for me
I’m tired of it
No longer am I hiding it
I’m leaving
I’m gone!

The Answer

Copyright, Priya

Oh you can make me cry a river
All those pills are just killing my liver
All the medication in the world won’t help
Nothing will
Nothing will until you fucking open your eyes
I’m sick of all your lies
You aren’t getting that shit down my throat
All it does is make me bloat
You don’t even try to understand me
You don’t even know me
You think I’m full of so much glee
Hell no I’m not!
Maybe on day you’ll realize all the crap
All the crap you’ve done
Even though now you think you have done none
That’s bullshit I know it
You’ve cut me so deep
I’ll probably never be able to fill it in
Cutting might not be the answer
But tell me, what is?
Making myself hurt and bleed?
Starving myself?
I’m waiting, what’s the answer?

The Need to Bleed

Copyright, Priya

The Need to Bleed
You know what I need?
I need to bleed!
I need to let myself free!
But maybe it’s greed?
It kills my heart
My cruel unusual art!
When the blood starts to drip
Then I start to slip!
I need to leave this place
It’s full of too much hate!
Cutting, the best feeling in the world
It can not even fill in all the empty space
Scars are just marks
Marks of when I felt so dark
My cruel & unusual art.
When you treat me so bad
It directly stabs me in the heart
Why don’t you notice?
I think you notice you just don’t care
You just stare
You know what
My feelings mean nothing to you!
You think I can’t see?
I can
I’m not dumb even though you and everyone else think so
You’re so dumb
But somehow
I let you make me feel so dumb
Then I begin to be numb
Numb to all the pain
Numb to the shame
You wonder why I’ve become so insane
When I become an adult I will never forget
People like you come in many sets.
You wonder why I get bad grades.
Walk in my shoes for one day and you’ll see
You’re so jaded!
Why am I so HATED?


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