Stephanie’s Stalker

Copyright, Nicolla

Never knew I would be labeled as a stalker
Never knew that was what it was going to be called
Never knew I’d be hated by my one true friend
Never knew that what we had was going to end

Stephanie, don’t you understand?
My mind was telling me, after this step no more
I knew it was getting out of hand
But you made my spirits soar

Those sapphire eyes once filled with compassion
Now fill up with that hateful fashion
You were my sun and now you’re a black hole
Leaving Pluto with no light, all alone

So I slide it so carefully deep into my skin
Releasing all the burning within
A fire that not even water can quell
Drowning like a toddler down a neverending well

Stephanie, I promise I’ll be better
No stalking, no letters,
No emails each day
But now you’ll never forgive me and nothing you’ll say

No Beauty in Me

Copyright, Nicolla

It’s not true that I see ugliness in all
It’s not true I don’t see beauty in the leaves as they fall
I see beauty in flowers
I see beauty in trees
But there’s one person in which beauty I can’t see

I see beauty in paper
Beauty in glass
Beauty in dew drops
Glistening on the grass

I see beauty in keyboards
As sharp as swords
I see beauty in those palaces
Homes of ladies and lords

I see beauty in black
I see beauty in blue
I see beauty in red
But it’s all swallowed by you

I see beauty in razors
Beauty in knives
I even see beauty
In her who took my seven lives

Beauty in the air
Beauty in the sea
Beauty in the mountains
But no beauty in me

Scars are red, veins are blue

Copyright, Nicolla

Scars are red
Veins are blue
My blood is so much sweeter than you

I never see the outside world
I’m locked inside a room which hurts
There’s no keyhole, there’s no glass
This life sentence will never pass

But when I see the scarlet flow
I have hope this day will go
I hear a whisper from the free
And the freedom passes on to me

They cannot stop me if they try
I’ll live in my dismal lie
Until you give me the real key
To free me from melancholy

Scars are red
Veins are blue
My blood is no more sweeter than you


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