My Suicide

Copyright, Nomorelight

I hate this life
I wish I could end it
Please give me a knife
So that I can see through with it
The edge of the blade pierces through my skin
Just as if for this purpose it was made
Deeper and deeper the blade goes in
My blood pours out like a fountain
My skin’s going pale
The stream of blood is starting to thin
My body s growing frail
I am starting to feel faint
Now I’ve fallen to the ground
They’ll call me a coward but I know I ain’t
If they do I wont know because I’m not around
For a long long time this has been my dream
But before I die I’ll let out one last scream
Of pain, it’s too late, no one can help me now
I’m dying, dying, dying, I’m gone.

My Friend

Copyright, Nomorelight

My only friend is not a common thing,
It’s made out of metal,
And lays beside my pillow.
It may be sharp,
But at least it cuts straight to the truth.
It helps me cry,
Cry tears of pain.
It shows the scars,
Scars created by the world.
It stays completely out of view,
Because my friend is misunderstood,
Almost as much as me and you.


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