Always New

Copyright Nikkie

always new it wasnt me.
always new that i wasnt ment to be.
always new were to cut.
always new that it was luck.
keeped the secrets of my life not reveling that i cryed.
teirs of blood scares of pain now i have to exsplain.
how i wonder in my mind, the idea’s come all the time.
cutting, burning, tairing down the walls.
now does that exsplain it all.
if it doesnt then one more try.
anger, revenge, not trying to use a lens.
heat and discused in a world i dont trust.
thats all i have to say.
hopepfuly that’ll exsplain it all.

Self-Inflicted Pain

Copyright Nikkie

i live for the pain
the pain i feel is
self inflicted on myself
this pain makes me feel again
this pain reassures me
that i’m still alive
this self inflicted pain
helps me survive
survive this world
thats so determined to
kill my insides
to live or to die
those are my two choices
to sit here and cry
or listen to the voices
should i take my own life
or wait for somone to do it
should i take one last strife
or end all this stupid shit
finally the pain over comes me
as i chose to end it all
all the pain that kept me alive
is not enough for me to survive
so now i’m gone
gone to happy place
where i feel no more pain


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